Jan 26

Nutritious Ds Episode Two


The second episode of our sketch comedy podcast is here, slumbering onto you like the fat sweaty husband your mother told you not to marry. It’s world cantaloupe day. Dentists are out of their element. Coffees get pissed in, needles get avoided, pets almost get eaten, and sketches get awkwardly described in a very forced and unnecessary manner. Spoilers: you love it. Listen to it here or on Youtube. You can listen to podcasts on youtube?! Yes! Because we don’t follow “the man’s” rules. F the police.

(Note: if you actually are a police officer, we were just joking about not following the rules and all that “F this, F that” nonsense. Please don’t prosecute us because we are genuinely not doing anything wrong so you are technically breaking the law not us. Thanks for understanding, please don’t arrest us thanks please thanks – TFCPodcast xoxo)

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