Jan 22

The Fireside Chronicles has a Power Hour!


In this weeks edition of the podcast, we speak to Ali Spagnola, the creator of the Power Hour Album, a fantastic drinking game. We discussed her recent legal battle over her drinking game, as well as her love of art and sending Free Paintings to people all over the world. In what was one of the funniest podcasts we have ever recorded, be in awe of just how entrepreneurial this woman is.


The aptly named, Mess in Space.

The aptly named, Mess in Space.

We get to know Ali a little more personally and discuss her career writing ringtones for our very phones. In what has been a seemingly dreamy life, she was also once a video game artist. However she recently quit this job to go full time with her career as a musician, and take the Power Hour on tour. Want her to come to a town near you? Visit her Indie Go Go site today!

So settle down, grab approximately 90oz of beer and have a power hour!

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