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The brand new TFCN™ Sketch Show commissioned by President Obama and performed by his cabinet.

Jan 26

Nutritious Ds Episode Two

The second episode of our sketch comedy podcast is here, slumbering onto you like the fat sweaty husband your mother told you not to marry. It’s world cantaloupe day. Dentists are out of their element. Coffees get pissed in, needles get avoided, pets almost get eaten, and sketches get awkwardly described in a very forced …

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Dec 20

We’re going to start uploading Nutritious Ds sketches to YouTube!

So subscribe to our YouTube channel if you hate downloading MP3s and think that iTunes is for stupid loser idiots like we do. Pfft, fuckin’ iTunes. Who even uses that bullshit? Speaking of which, subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review! Search TFCNetwork on iTunes for more. Merry Christmas. :)

Dec 15

Nutritious Ds Episode One

15/12/12. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Nutritious Ds has landed! This is the first episode of TFCN’s brand new sketch show podcast. That’s right, you cheeky monkeys! 30 minutes of fresh, unheard material (apart from the little bit what we gave you as a teaser, please ignore that while reading the previous sentence)! So sit …

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Dec 08

Nutritious Ds Episode 0 – The Pilot

Surprise, mothafucka. We’re announcing a brand new TFCN™ podcast! We already have five on the network. We’ve already got you covered with funny chat (sort of), philosophy (in a way), sport (kinda), news (technically), and travel (almost). So what’s missing? Sketch comedy!